Rocky Point Park film

David Betterncourt is visiting Miniature Worlds on Oct 20 as a guest speaker to talk about his film You must be This Tall: The Story of Rocky Point Park (2007).

Here is a short clip, but the full movie is streamed on My Courses.

Rocky Point Park opened in the 1840s and was a Rhode Island landmark until its closure in 1995.  It made the news recently:

“The gates of the old Rocky Point Amusement park will swing open Sunday, making way for memories and unobstructed views of unspoiled coastline. But what won’t be apparent to the thousands expected to attend the open house is that there’s still a question about what will happen to all the land that once made up Rhode Island’s landmark family park and seaside dining spot.” (Barbara Polichetti, “Whither Rocky Point Park?” The Providence Journal (Oct 1, 2009):1.)

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